Local Well Drilling and Repair

Northeast Well & Irrigation has years of experience in well installation and well pump repair in Kershaw, Richland and Fairfield Counties of South Carolina. If you do not have access to city water or would like a more affordable water source for your home, business and irrigation, drilling a well is the solution. In this part of South Carolina, we will have to drill through either sand or rock to reach a water source. Northeast Well & Irrigation will determine what type of well is required on your property and drill accordingly. We can drill through both sand and rock safely and install a well specific to your needs. All well drilling is conducted by licensed South Carolina well drillers.

If you are out of water, have dirty water, sputtering water, low water pressure or air coming out of your faucets, you need a well repair service. Northeast Well & Irrigation repair wells, water well pumps and any other issue that may be related to your home well. We also stock, sell and service water filtration units. Our water filtration systems remove sand, sediment, and iron from your water, leaving you with clean, clear and great tasting drinking water.

Drilling a well can be a dirty process, but Northeast Well & Irrigation takes special care to keep the work site as clean as possible, as well as cleaning up after the job is done. You will be left with an attractive well and clean water for your home and irrigation.  We also offer the highest level of water filtration including water softeners, iron removal and sand removal.

Package deals and rates are available for landlords, contractors and group packages.

We have crews available 7 days a week for well installation and well repairs. Northeast Well & Irrigation has the experience you need to handle your well installation, irrigation, and well repair in Richland, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties. Dare to compare our prices to our competitors' - estimates are free and we know you'll like our price. Call us right away at 803-226-8821 or 803-438-7333.

Drilling well in Kershaw CountyHidden wellclean up after well drilling